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XR20-W Rotary Axis Calibrator



The XR20-W rotary axis calibrator is used

in conjunction with the XL-80 laser to

provide ±1 arc sec measurement accuracy. 


Totally wireless operation and modular

mounting systems ensure suitability for a

wide range of machines.





Key benefits:

·         Wireless Operation

·         Flexible Mounting

·         Compact & lightweight

·         Off axis capability

·         Integrated target & alignment optics

·         New data collection software

·         Extended auto calibration cycles

·         Servo controlled drive

Rotary Software Kit

RotaryXL was the first of Renishaw's revised software packages based around a distinctive and user-friendly interface gives users quick and simple control of their rotary calibration device (XR20-W) enabling fast test set-up and data collection. The software uses new screen layouts and graphics as well as preset templates for the most common ISO and ASME tests and simplified on screen options. Together with an ‘auto calibration' facility even less experienced users should be up and running very quickly. 




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