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                  LP2 and LP2H

Robust, compact probes for workpiece inspection and tool setting on CNC lathes.

About LP2 Probes

LP2, LP2H and LP2DD probes can be used in optical, inductive and hard-wired systems. Optical transmission is best suited to field retrofitting and optional fitment.


The optical transmission method requires either an OMP40M, RMP40M, OMP60M or an RMP60M. These provide a variety of solutions to suit different machine sizes, but each unit is functionally similar. They enable the probe to be turned on and off via an M-code, or turned on via an M-code and turned off via an internal timer.

The HSI interface unit processes signals between the probe and the CNC control.

LP Probe options

·         LP2 is the standard lathe inspection probe. Its small body makes it suitable for gauging workpiece features with restricted access.

·         LP2H is designed for heavier duty applications where machine vibration or heavy stylus arrangements may cause unexpected triggers.

·         LP2DD contains a revised diaphragm assembly, ideal for grinding machines and other installations where dust-filled coolant is abundant.




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