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        MP250 touch probe for grinding machines.


The world’s first strain gauge based inspection probe for grinding machines, using Renishaw’s patented Rengage™ technology.

About the MP250

The Renishaw MP250 is an ultra compact touch probe for grinding machines that sets new standards for the precision measurement of 3D part geometries, whilst offering all the standard probing benefits of reduced set-up times, reduced scrap and improved process control.

The MP250 uses a hard-wired connection to the machine control via the specially designed HSI interface.

It offers a truly unrivalled combination of size, accuracy, reliability

and robustness that will benefit its users through reduced set-up

times, reduced scrap and improved process control.

The MP250 can also be used with Renishaw's HPGA

(High Precision Generic Arm). 


MP250 Feature and benefits

High accuracy:  Patented Rengage™ strain gauge technology with ultra-low pretravel variation provides high accuracy, even when the application requires long styli.

Highly repeatable:  Improved repeatability in all probing directions compared to standard probes.

Ultra compact:  Measuring only Ø25 mm x 40 mm long, the MP250 is ideal for grinding machine applications with restricted space.

Robust and reliable:   Renishaw's MP250 sets new standards for reliability and is designed to resist the harshest machine conditions.




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