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INTRIMIK®with “capa μ system®” and Digital Display


Self-centering and self-aligning

internal measuring instruments

make bore measurement reliable and consistent from measurement to measurement and user to user.


Unlike plug gages that check only one tolerated size, a single instrument can

measure many diameters. Depending on the model that is being used, through bores and blind bores, as well as short centering shoulders, can be

measured reliably.


New capacitive measuring system (patented) associated with the unique cone of the Brown & Sharpe INTRIMIK internal micrometers.




BROWN & SHARPE, TESA, ETALON, and INTERAPID calipers are recognized around the world for their superior quality. The flawless guide of the  slider on the beam assures silky-smooth operation while also preventing the measuring jaws from tilting. The choice of the material, the exactly  defined heat treatment and the strength in design result in further distinctive advantages such as wear and corrosion resistance.


In addition to the classic vernier caliper, we offer both dial calipers and digital calipers. For quality construction and operation, you can’t beat DIAL-CAL® dial calipers, with their shockproof (patented) anti-backlash design for protecting the gear mechanism.

Brown & Sharpe digital DURA-CAL calipers feature IP67 protection from liquids and dust.     Choose 6", 8", and 12" sizes, as well as RS-232 options.



BESTEST® / TESATAST® Dial Test Indicators


All BESTEST and TESATAST indicators meet or exceed federal or DIN specifications. All BESTEST and

TESATAST indicators are furnished with a certificate of accuracy and traceability. BESTEST and



TESATAST indicators provide all of the following features:


Constant Clockwise Rotation – Indicator pointer always rotates clockwise (whether measuring over or under) to eliminate plus or minus confusion.

Automatic Reversal – Measuring is bi-directional with double lever system. No switch to interfere with movement. Measures inside, outside, over and under.


Swiveling Point – Contact point can be set over 210° arc to measure

hard-to-reach areas.


Universal Mounting – Dovetails top, front and back for required mounting orientation and rigid set up.


Carbide Tip – Furnished as standard on all BESTEST/TESATAST indicators.


Monobloc (precision watch) Body Design – All pinions are mounted in jeweled bearings in an

isolated assembly completely separate from outer body to maintain highest accuracies.


Anti-Magnetic and Corrosion Resistant – Safe for use around magnetic chucks. Chrome plated to

resist corrosion.

 MICRO-HITE® plus M Electronic Height Gage

The MICRO-HITE plus M Electronic Height Gage combines the positioning speed of a manual height gage with the precision and user friendliness of a motorized height gage for improved inspection throughput and operator

productivity. With the exclusive TESA rotary power feature, users can switch between manual and motorized operation

with no loss of measurement accuracy. A simple-to-use keyboard controls 1D measurement operations. Large, clear icons guide operators easily through flat surface and diameter measurements.It is available with a Power Panel that incorporates 2D measuring capability, plus the ability to store part programs.


Special mechanical alignment allows the MICRO-HITE plus M

 Electronic Height Gage to be used in combination with a test indicator to

quickly and accurately inspect the squareness of parts on a surface plate.

An on-board microprocessor automatically compensates for the probe size,

calculates the size of slots and projections, and determines the centerlines

of features. All MICRO-HITE probe holders and probes, as well as CAPAX

2000 probes can be used with the MICRO-HITE plus M Electronic Height






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