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EasyProbe - probe software for                machining centers

Produce simple and fast job set-up and measuring routines with minimal programming skill.

•Simple programming

•Work offsets updated for accurate component positioning

•Results and errors stored in macro variables

About EasyProbe software

EasyProbe software cycles are designed for use by machine tool operators for simple job set-up and measuring tasks on machining centres. The software can be easily configured, using a supplied install utility, to suit the machine tool configuration.

Probing can either be through use of the machine tool handwheel / jog function with cycles run via manual data input, or through cycles written into a part program and run automatically.

Feature and benefits

•Simple programming - EasyProbe cycles require little programming skill to achieve simple probing tasks

•Part set-up - work offsets can be updated for accurate component positioning

•Measurement results and errors are stored in a macro variable list


•Angle find macro can be used to update a 4th axis or enable G68 co-ordinate rotation

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