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(972) 726-7002
Dallas, Texas

C-CON Inc. was founded in 1990 to serve customers that not only needed quality work but also expected quality customer service.  

Based in Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona, we can access anywhere in North America within hours.

Today C-CON has evolved into one of the most respected coordinate metrology service and product suppliers.  Dependable, honest and fair, C-CON treats customer’s right.

Our personnel are the key to our success.  Their incredibly deep knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction offers unprecedented insight and problem solving capability. 



Hrere is a sample of the companies we are proud to do business with.


 Bell Helicopter      Chromalloy      Raytheon

Alcoa      Pratt & Whitney      Goss                            

Northrop      Baker Hughes      Schlumberger      Cameron        

Lockheed      PCC      Triumph Group      Spirit Aerosystems


C-CON, Inc.

1351 S. TI Blvd.

Suite 113

Richardson, TX 75081

Tel: (972) 726-7002



C-CON is committed to exceeding customers expectations through experience and dedication.
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