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The NCPCB (non-contact tool setter for PCB drilling machines) is part of the Renishaw family of tool setting probe systems.

The NCPCB tool setting device is used for rapid tool setting, tool wear monitoring, runout checking, and tool breakage detection on PCB drilling machines in one simple compact unit.


The NCPCB is an affordable, simple to install system that will:

•Reduce your non-value downtime

•Reduce your component scrap counts

•Increase your machine efficiency

•Increase your process capability

NCPCB Features and benefits

•Compact; it measures just 80 mm (long) x 25 mm (wide) x 27 mm (tall)

•It has an integral in-built air blast capability for optics/tool cleaning

•Allows diameter measurement of tools as small as 0.1 mm

•Use on multiple spindle machines capable of 250,000 rpm

•Excellent response times which allows repeatability of 0.5 µm

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