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   Productivity+™ - PC based                                                    probe software for                                                                                           machining centers

Interactive programming of inspection routines, tool setting

and machine updates.

•Comprehensive set of measurement routines

•Logic statements for on-machine decision making and

process control

•Detailed reporting of inspection and updates


About Productivity+™

Productivity+ is a PC based software solution providing an easy-to-use platform for incorporating simple measurement functionality and more advanced in-process intelligence into machining programs. It can simplify a wide range of measurement and process control tasks, such as component set-up and part verification, and aids process development in the following key areas:

•Predictive process setting - performing simple tests to ensure that a machining process will be successful

•Active in-process control - using the probe to measure features and update machining process based on the results obtained

•Informative reporting - providing information about the in-process state of a component, and about the decisions that were made when producing it

Productivity+ creates programs which run entirely on the machine tool, including all the calculations, updates and logic which are needed - so no external PC is required to process measurement data.

Productivity+ provides full multi-axis support for vertical and horizontal machining centre configurations.

Productivity+™ provides

Point-and-click feature selection - based on a wide range of CAD models

Tool setting - speed up tool change and avoid damaged tools (Renishaw tool setting macros required on the CNC)

Part set-up and inspection - auto-correct machining cycles

Intelligent decision-making - allowing active, in-process control with program adjustments and machine updates

On-machine verification - reduce production time

Probe cycle programming - PC based solution, therefore avoiding machine downtime

Program verification - to increase confidence and reduce risk of machine or probe crash


Process tracking - with the addition of Renishaw CNC Reporter

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