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Tsunami Air Filtration

The Number One cause of machine down time and repair is oil and contamination from your compressed air system. It causes fouling of the air lines and air bearings inside your CMM. This system design includes three stage filtration: Tsunami Water Separator, Tsunami Oil Coalescer & a Tsunami Activated Carbon filter. This system also includes a precision regulator for accurate control of down stream pressure.   Also recommended for air gaging applications and other sensitive equipment.

  • Reduce down time and expensive repairs
  • Maintain accuracy
  • Complete system installs in minutes
  • First stage removes water and oil down to 10 micron
  • Second stage oil coalescent filter  removes oil mist and aerosol down to .01 micron
  • Third stage removes oil vapor/smell down to 0.003 micron
  • Lowest pressure drop of any filter package (1.8 psid)
  • Micro-flex element capacity 3 times larger (Efficiency: Dry 99.949 Saturated 99.920)
  • Grade “D” instrument air meets HEPA air quality standards
  • First stage Stainless Steel Element Never Needs Changing
  • Second & Third Stage Elements: Change Every 6 Months, Under Normal Conditions.


Typical CMM Installation.

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