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TS27R contact tool setting probe

The industry-standard contact probe for tool setting and broken tool detection on vertical machining centres.

About TS27R

TS27R is mounted on the machine table. It enables the user to set tool length and diameter of rotating tools, and to carry out broken tool detection.

As with all Renishaw hard-wired probe systems, TS27R requires the MI 8-4 interface or HSI to convert probe signals into an acceptable form for the CNC machine control.


TS27RFeatures and benefits

•The standard tool setting probe for machining centres

•Compact table mounting

•Precise tool length and diameter measurement

•Rotating tools can be checked without wear to the tool or stylus

•Stylus is protected by a weak link, preventing probe damage in the event of a collision

Software for TS27R

Renishaw tool setting software allows you to set tool length and diameter offsets for single point and multiple point tools, perform in cycle broken tool detection and manual or automatic (programmed) positioning.


                                Data sheet for the TS27R Toolsetting Probe:


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