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    Inspection software for        machining centers

Basic macro software for Renishaw component setting and inspection probes for machining centers and lathes. Compatible with:

•Machining centres

•Turning centres

•Multi-axis turning centres

About macro based programming

Renishaw's Inspection software comprises a set of macros that control probing motion and point data manipulation, measuring a range of common component features with input of a few parameters.

Tool and work offsets can be updated automatically based on measured dimensions. On completion of each measurement cycle it is possible to print out the results.

Some capabilities may vary by an individual controller.

Users requiring a more comprehensive set of probing cycles may find Inspection Plus a more suitable solution.


Inspection software for machining centers

Available measurement cycles include:

•X or Y or Z single surface measure


•four point bore/boss

•external corner

•angle through two bores/bosses (Fadal only)


Inspection software for turning centers

Renishaw Inspection software for turning centres offers macros for:

•single point (radial) measurement

•two-point (diameter) measurement

•rib/groove measurement

•single Z-surface measurement



Inspection software for multi-axis turning centers

•horizontal and vertical head orientations

•X, Y and Z single surface measure



•C-axis find        

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