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               AxiSet™ Check-Up

AxiSet™ Check-Up, is a new system that offers fast, automated health checks for multi-axis machine tools.

About AxiSet™ Check-Up

Compatible with common formats of 5-axis and multi-tasking machines, AxiSet™ Check-Up provides machine users with a fast and accurate health check of rotary axis pivot points. Alignment and positioning performance checks are carried out rapidly to benchmark and monitor complex machines over time.

With its probing macro software and a dedicated calibration artefact, it provides graphical representations of multi-axis machine performance. It makes PASS or FAIL decisions based on defined tolerances, and allows performance to be tracked over time, using history and comparison functions. All of which helps to identify poor machine alignments and geometry due to machine set-up, collisions or wear.

Performance analysis is reported graphically via Microsoft® Excel®, compared against user defined tolerances and stored for historical comparison. All results can be printed in a standardized report via Microsoft® Word®.

Benefits of AxiSet™ Check-Up 

•Measure and report multi-axis machine performance in a matter of minutes.

•Capability to detect and report errors in rotary axis centre of rotation (pivot points) that are critical in 5 axis interpolation.

•Fully automated probing tests provide accurate and consistent results, avoiding introduced errors associated with manual tests.

•User defined test angles allow machines to be tested at critical orientations.

•Tolerance functions increase confidence before critical features are machined.

•History and comparison functions allow performance to be tracked over time, allowing trends to be monitored and maintenance scheduled.

•Graphical reports combined with tolerance checking quickly identify changes in performance due to collisions or setting errors.

•All graphical plots are available in printed reports for record keeping and distribution.

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