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Mahr stands for industrial metrology, for quality and for innovation. Along with highly valuable measurement devices for workpiece geometry, Mahr manufactures high precision spinning pumps and rotary stroke bearings as construction elements in its product range.


The power of technical innovation and a goal-oriented focus on quality characterize successful corporations. Without metrology, neither of these would be possible! Measurement equipment verifies the results of research and development. It dominates the area of qualilty. Technological progress itself depends on the further development of metrology.



Adjustable Bore Gages


Superior Accuracy for Production and Inspection.

Rugged construction for long life and low maintenance.

Outstanding stability.



Surface Measurement

Surface Metrology by Mahr covers roughness and contour measurement. Generally, these devices are based on the tactile stylus method. Thus, two dimensional profiles can be calculated and documented according to international standards.




Micrometers & Calipers


Next to calipers, micrometers are the most frequently used hand measuring instruments. Mahr micrometers are characterized by their precision ground spindle; carbide tipped measuring faces and robust frame construction. Digital micrometers are additionally simple to operate and enable data transmission. 

Air Gaging


Mahr Federal air gaging is the inspection tool that allows for fast and high accurate measurement in a production environment. In the measurement of hole conditions, air gaging provides unsurpassed performance. For checking dimensional characteristics such as taper or positional relationship air gaging offers capabilities well beyond mechanical gages.



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