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RP3 tool setting probe for HPRA, HPPA and HPMA arms.

The RP3 is also suitable for OEM installation into purpose-built holders.

About RP3

The RP3 probe is suitable for OEM installation into purpose-built holders, or for use with Renishaw's automatic or manual tool setting arms.

A robust 5-way probe for tool setting and some inspection applications. Advanced design has produced an extremely small probe with 1 µm repeatability and large over-travel.

The MI 8-4 or HSI interface is required for use with the RP3 hard-wired probe.


RP3 Feature and benefits

•1 µm repeatability

•Compatible with the full range of Renishaw M4 styli

•Standard fit HP series toolsetting arm (HPRA, HPPA and HPMA)

•Flexibility - OEM kit available for OEM installations

•Large 9° of over-travel - increases the durability of the probe

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