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  OMP40-2 Compact Touch Probe

Spindle mounted optical transmission measurement probe with superior 3D performance.  Use for Compact touch probe with optical transmission, ideally suited to small machining centers.

About OMP40-2

The OMP40-2 probe has been designed specifically to meet the demands of small machining centers and the growing family of high-speed machines fitted with small HSK and small taper spindles.

OMP40-2 is available with modulated transmission for use with OMI-2, OMI-2T, and OMM-2 receivers offering increased resistance to light interference.

OMP40-2 Feature and benefits

·         Ultra-compact - only Ø40 mm and 50 mm in length

·         Miniaturisation of electronics without compromising performance

·         Simplified installation - ideal for retrofit

·         Long battery life, minimal downtime, industry-leading economy

·         Shock and vibration resistant

OMP40-2 Software options


The following software packages can be used to program probing routines for work piece set-up and inspection on CNC machining centers.

EasyProbe - entry-level package for simple work piece set-up.

Inspection Plus - an integrated suite of inspection cycles including vector measurement.

Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro - a PC-based software package with GUI, allowing the user to select features directly from an imported CAD model, making the generation of probing cycles even easier.




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